Hmmmm. My Index just disappeared

Hi - is anyone else having any issues?

My index literally just disappeared whilst I was working on it in the editor. I was simply in the process of adding a text element and the whole page has gone (with quite a few hours work already put in).

Has anyone else experienced issues? I’m hoping this is a general thing that will be fixed automatically in a few mins / hours.

have you tried to undo what you did?

Every change is saved immediately, so hopefully it can be recovered.

Did you get an error? I would get a support ticket in either way.

Nope - no error. I’m hoping it can be recovered too. Will submit a ticket.

I really hope it can - I was happy (for once) with my progress! :rofl:

I suggest you create a save point

Hmmm - may be a little late for that @grace.hallak, but thanks for the advice.

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