Homepage feed with changing content types

Hi, I’m creating a homepage feed using a recurring group (I believe that is the best way) and wondering if there is a way to change the ‘content type’.

For example, I’m currently bringing in data from the recurring group for ‘posts’ that have just a title and name. But it would be great to also show ‘Events’ or ‘Images’. Is there a way to do this? And bring in data types from more than one group.

Any ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks

Hey @julia1

There is no way to set the data type of a repeating group apart from in the editor.

What you might consider is instead having separate RGs for each data type you want. Stack them on top of each other, make the RG not visible on page load, then toggle the visibility when needed.

Hope that helps

Hi Rob, thanks so much for your answer! What do you mean ‘stack them’? Just create a page with lots of different RGs? e.g. one for different data groups (Text, one for images, one for events etc…)

By “stacking” I mean setting up the RGs below one another then showing / hiding using a custom state. Better to demonstrate as there are a few steps. Check out the demo.


  1. Set up your desired RGs. Leave them all as visible on load.

  2. Put each RG into it’s own group (just click the RG and go to the “arrange” menu at the top right, then click “group elements in a group”)

  3. Give each group a custom state that you will use to identify the section when you want to toggle its visibility (I called it “name”)

  4. For each group tick the box that says “collapse this element’s height when hidden”

  5. Somewhere else (e.g. on the main page) put a custom state that will control which RG should be shown. I called this “active RG”

  6. Add a condition on each group that says “when the active RG is this group’s name” → this element is visible.

  7. Then simply use workflows to toggle which section to show!

Hope that’s clear @julia1.


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Thank you so much @robhblake for your detailed reply, Rob! This has been really helpful - appreciate you taking the time. I’m working on it today and seems to be working. It’s a shame that you can’t have different types automatically within the RG.

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