Horizontal RG is not scrolling when WEB

Hey! I have repeating group as shown in screenshots.
The problem is that it doesnt allow to scroll horizontal when viewed as from computer, but scrolls when inspecting as phone (with finger)
Vertical works fine on both.

EDITOR: Haltapp | Bubble Editor

What could be the possible issue here?
PS. Twearking and doing 1 row and unchecked columns, dont make any difference.

Share some more screen shots in your layout pls

Hi, thank you for taking your time.
There is Editor availiable, i believe that would be much better than screens :smiley:

I think you should check the max width

Max width is set to 1520px what is less than repeatings group content. (it overflows)
Works in if i do them vertical, but no scoll option if set horizontal.