Horizontal scroll on Repeating Groups

Can please anybody explain why the horizontal scroll doesn’t work on the repeating group on the new responsive engine? It worked on the old engine.
(black page is the old engine, white - new).
See video

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Horizontal scroll repeating group’s are achieved in new responsive by unchecking “fixed number of columns.” If you do this with a fixed number of rows, the repeating group will automatically scroll horizontally.

If you also happen to have “fixed number of rows” unchecked, then a new dropdown will appear asking you to set a scroll direction. Make sure to choose “horizontal.”

There are some great videos located at bubble.io/videos that showcase how to achieve the old engine’s repeating group layouts using the new engine’s controls. Here is the video that will explain horizontal scroll RGs: How to Create a Horizontal Repeating Groups With the New Responsive Engine | Bubble

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your help @sam.morgan

Can you please also guide me on vertical scroll? Before new engine there was “Verical scroll” RG adjustment.

I am struggling to adjust my drag&drop feature because the verticall scroll is missing https://youtu.be/P_ijs-njWSA

@vovahumnytskiy in case you didn’t figured out yet, here is a solution: