Horizontal Scroll when content overflows parent groups width limits

How do i get that behavior so if an element has wide content, which goes beyond the limit of its parent groups width limits, and you dont want the element to wrap to next line, rather the ability to scroll its content horizontally?

What layout settings do i use to achieve that?

(Not a RG)

It depends on the element, but generally, you can solve it with this CSS:
flex-wrap: nowrap !important;
white-space: nowrap !important;

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Use this simple HTML snippet

Replace the scroll-horizontal with the id of your group element

    #scroll-horizontal {
    	overflow: auto!important;
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Is this not achievable with the new responsive engine?

If I’m not mistaken, you can also do it like this. Put its inner elements into one group and have another group outside. Like, group > group > row elements. Make sure “fit height to content” is checked for the inner group but unchecked (or it can be fixed size) for the outer one.