Need Help for horizontal scroll

I Have 6 Repeating Group in one container group now can I make it scrollable

When I Add max width or fix width this what happen

you need to wrap your repeating group in a regular group then in that group, apply a max widht

Make sure each of your 6 repeating groups are either fixed width, or have a minimum width that will allow them all to remain on the same line.

Have each of them inside of a container group that is layout type row. Space them using the gap space options. Then set a minimum width on the container group that is equal to the width of the 6 repeating groups and the gap space between them.

Give the container group an ID attribute value of container

Then place an HTML element inside of a floating group.

Make the floating group float beneath the page so it is out of sight and out of the way.

The HTML to add to the HTML element is below

#container {
overflow-x: auto !important;

If after testing you want a bit of space between the horizontal scroll bar and the bottom of the repeating groups, you can use the bottom margin of the RG to add some space