Horizontal scrolling default positioning

I have a RG with 1 row, 5 columns and need to know how to change the default scroll position from left to right. is this possible with the HTML element and the ID attribute? Currently if i have more then 5 items in the RG, the 6+ are cut off by the scroll causing the user to scroll right. What i want to achieve is a dynamic list that displays the 5 latest entries. for example 1-5 to begin with, then when a new entry has been added show items 2-6. This would continue in this pattern, 3-7, 4-8, etc, etc.

in other words, displays the last 5 completed football matches and display a Win, Draw or Lose.
here is an example from the Premier League site. played 19 games and displaying the last 5 match results.

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In your RG, sort your data in descending order first. Then use “items until” #5. Then sort back into ascending order.

That should always give you the last five items/entries.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

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