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Horizontal Scrolling on Mobile

Hi! I have a landing page that, when on mobile, won’t fully shrink to the device screen size, it insists on adding an extra 4-500 extra blank pixels to the right of my page, which causes a scrollbar to show up at the bottom for horizontal scrolling:

In the photo above, i’ve zoomed out fully to show you the page size.
I’ve tried inspecting the page, but it doesn’t show any elements sticking out :confused: Thanks for any help!

Without seeing your editor, or at the very least some screenshots of all your layout settings (or a link to your landing page), it’s impossible for anyone to say…

But, almost certainly you’ve got an element somewhere on the page with incorrect layout settings, so it’s just a case of finding where that is (you might try using the debugger, or the browser inspector to identify it).

did you find a solution?

As of right now, not yet… to be fair i haven’t had a chance to look into it, but from what i’ve learned over the past 6 months of using the new engine, i’m certain @adamhholmes is right, and it’s an element that has a “fixed” or “min Width” setting causing the page to widen… I recommend going to each single group element on the page and check those settings :heavy_check_mark:

I have the same problem…