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Horizontal scrolling triggers on click

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to reproduce the same tags navigation as the YouTube page (screenshot below), where there are buttons to scroll left and right.

I managed to reproduce the effect, the only problem I have is that when the page is loaded, I need to click twice on the trigger to make it scroll, but after that, it works on the first click. Anyone knows why I have this effect?

Here’s a link to the page
Here’s a link to the editor

Also, is it possible to hide the right trigger when the last item is visible, and hide the left trigger when the first item is visible?

Thank you all for your help.


Hi, @fbnc.vntrs

I think you can set the state of the item and assign yes/no according to the condition you want to make the element visible or not visible like below.

Hope this help!
Samson @ Plugin Developer

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Thank you

Hey mate, glad you posted this as i was facing the same issue. Did you manage to fix the issue with having to click 2ice before it worked smoothly? Cheers

Hello @ceazar, no unfortunately haven’t found a solution to this.