[NEW PLUGIN] Scroll Area Trigger

Hi bubblers :sunglasses:

What about have a breakpoint on your screen, and when an element traverse this breakpoint, you have access to events like element x entered scroll area, leaved scroll area, reenter scroll area, leave back scroll area? Useful for a ton of animations, and more cool stuff.

Give it a shot:



On demo page it is best visible how it works :slight_smile:

Juice it, then I’ll be more motivated to give bubble’s community more interesting stuff :purple_heart:

Do you have a link to the editor view of this page? I’m not getting some intended functionality of leaving backwards when dynamic content is added in-between the “breakpoint” and current position.

Oh my bad dude, just seen your message :c

Of course there is a editor link on demo page :slight_smile:

I hope is just not too late :c

It’s alright - I did look into that to see how it was configured but still wasn’t getting the intended functionality. It’s possible I was doing something wrong. I’ll need to look back at it here in about 10 days as I’m currently implementing a feature set which this doesn’t require, and will get backwith you, but it’s a great fit for my specific use case of immitating some lazy loading of gallery images which are randomized.

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