Horizontal weekly scrolling calendar RG

Does anyone know how to create a horizontal calendar using repeating group?
I need the dates to autopopulate and scroll without a workflow so users can easily select a date on mobile. Has anyone done this?



For the question that was not asked “How to do this”…

Use a plugin for generating dates, there are various out there, some paid, some free. Free ones like Calendar Tools or 1T List of Dates might work.

Setup the RG to use the plugin list of dates to populate the RG with dates.

Format the RG so it has one row fixed and number of columns not fixed.

Put RG into a container group, make container group max width equal to 100% of the device width (assumption is this is just for mobile and want to stretch entire screen width).

The container group should restrict the width of the RG by default, and by default a horizontal scroll bar should appear on the RG. If not, you may want to use custom code to add a horizontal scroll bar to the container group, which can be found on the forum.


Thank you! That works for populating a given months dates(using calendar tool). I know I could add buttons and set up workflows to navigate months, but I’m aiming for infinite scroll. Any suggestions?