Horizontal Scrolling in Repeating Group with fixed # of Columns


I have created a repeating group calendar with a week view, so it must be 7 cells wide. I would like the calendar to be wider than the screen. The user can scroll the calendar horizontally to view all the days of the week.

But with the new responsive engine, as far as I can tell, you can not get a RG to scroll horizontally if it has a fixed number of columns.

Any ideas? Tips?

Thanks for your help…

Hmm, good question. :thinking:

What happens when you put a minimum width on the repeating group?

You can try doing this:

  1. Add a group - no max width or fixed width - Layout - Column - Container alignment - Center
  2. Add RG - max width 1200px
  3. Add Calendar - min width 1280 (> RG width)

Hey, I guess I don’t quite understand. The calendar IS an RG. But I’ll play with that idea and see what I can figure out. Appreciate the reply.

Did you figure this out?

I did, actually. I had to jerry rig the F out of it to get it to work.

I created a dummy data type called PLACEHOLDER. Then created one PLACEHOLDER in the database for that data type, so that if you did a search for PLACEHOLDERS, there would only be one item.

I then created a repeating group with PLACEHOLDER as the data type, and did a search for PLACEHOLDERS (only one item in that search).

I then gave that RG no set number of rows or columns, so I could choose to have it scroll horizontally, and gave it a minimum width of 2100 pixels, so each day of the the week would be at least 300 pixels wide and it would always be wide enough for horizontal scrolling.

Then, inside that PLACEHOLDER RG, I put my week-view RG calendar. Worked perfectly. It shows only one week at a time, and it scrolls horizontally.

There has to be a simpler way, but that’s what I came up with. If that makes no sense, let me know…


No that makes sense, thanks for the insight and glad you got it to work.

In my case, I coincidentally used the correct width in px the first try around. So it displays exactly 5 columns without setting it fixed in the RG. It’s not responsive though so I’ll have to try your method.

Thanks again.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yeah, if you want it to scroll, you can’t set a fixed number of rows or columns. That won’t work with a calendar. So I used the dummy RG without fixed rows or columns, set it to scroll horizontally, and just used that as a scrolling box for my RG with fixed rows and columns. For what I wanted it to do, works perfectly.

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