Hourly Time Range for a Motel Webapp

Hi everyone
I am buildinng an app for a local motel and I need to register time slots by the hour,
Can you advice me how to do it? , both which element to use and how to implement it in the database, please

I see the date/time picker is more focused on dates but not in hours and I am not seeinng a good solution until now, I am a newbie.


Hey @PinguDev ,

You can try this solution for storing the start and end times. First, create a field name time with field type date range.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.07.42 AM

Then use two date & time Picker elements in order to save start and end time.

Create a workflow on a button when you want to save time.

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 11.22.05 AM

Once you save the data in the database. Now again pick the date & time picker element and do the following steps shown in the screenshot to set the start and end date:

end date

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bubble doesn’t have the data type "Time " !!!

Hi! thanks a lot for the help , it seems useful but please could you upload the last 2 screenshots in a higher resolution ? I can’t see what’s on them because the screenshots are very small and pixelated.


Hey @PinguDev ,

Here are the last 2 screenshots.

Start Time Screenshot

End Time Screenshot