How add multiple input fields

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How could I add multiple input fields through a button? To clarify this scenario follow the image below:




Guys, the intention is to insert fields dinamically…

You will need to use a repeating group. The exact approach depends on what each input represents… But I’m guessing in your case each new input corresponds to a thing in the database (e.g. a users “contact” field). When you click “add new one” simply create a new thing in the database which will automatically be shown in your repeating group once created.



Seems you are working on a dynamic form builder where you can add different types or input elements for text, date, image, etc

Title (text)

Title (text)
Date value (date)
Number value (number)
Text value (text)
Image value (image)
Type (options set: date, number, text, image)

Form entry
Title (text)
Form (form)
Fields (list of fields)

Set up an rg of 1 row 1 column that is very high to accommodate your different inputs conditionally

Within the rg set up different groups stacked vertically and each accommodating a corresponding input element for date (date picker), number (input), text (multi line picker): image (image uploader).

Set each of the above groups to show up conditionally depending on the type of field

The rg is or type field and the data source is a search for fields constrained to the form entry which house the form object.

To see this in action you can test an app I built that has a dynamic form builder here:


Thank you so much @robhblake and @cmarchan

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Is there anywhere I can see the editor for your page you provided?

@cmarchan hello, by any chance, do you mind sharing the editor view for this setup ? im struggling on this one ;( thanks !

Hello @Alter345

This is a private project so I cannot provide open access to it. I shared the external link to show how things work for the form builder.

@cmarchan Ok i understand …
I’ll try a last thing :wink: do you mind sharing an app just to show how you can set up this rg with 1:1 and forms ?
I read all your posts on the forum, you suggest many times to do something like this (rg with 1:1) but im struggling a lot to figure out how to implement would you mind sharing an exemple ? Or do you have a good ressource to share with me ? many many thanks

Hello @Alter345

Hope this helps: :smiley:

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@cmarchan thanks ill check and let you know if i need some coaching thanks !