Repeating group and input

How i can create new Data contain [ input such as " Title Input " + Repeating group contain 4 rows as a fixed number of cells with a button "Add " ] BUT i want to make these 2 inputs [ Title & repeating group ] in the same data row . Thanks in advance :smile:

Hey I apologise but you will need the phrase your question more clearly

Hey Chad ,Thanks for the reply and sorry for not clarify the question very well …let me try one more time please :

  • I am trying to let the user add new project ,i called it "Recipe " it includes : " Recipe Title " input and Recipe[ Ingredients + Quantity ] ,i used repeating group for these 2 inputs withe a + icon as in the screen shot above …in the same page there are 2 work flow [ one for + icon ,and another one for “Create” button ] how i can let the data when i click on the + icon become a part of that data after click on “Create” button ? so at the end i can get the same App data as in the screen shot above

Hope i explain it better , i tried a lot to find a solution before asking the question , so hopefully some one can help me achieving my goal

I think I understand

Try and create a new thing called ingredients with a data structure consisting of “name” which is a text and “quantity” which is a number
Then when you press the plus create a new “ingredient” and set those to fields to the relevant inputs

Then in your “recipe” create a field of a list of “ingredients” and add the ingredient to the recipe

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