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How are folks writing reports like Crystal or PowerBI etc

How are folks creating reports, not charts or graphs but reports, like P.O. orders reports, inventory reports, sales order reports etc. P&L etc. etc.

is anyone writing reports with their bubble data?

I’m generating a page that I manually designed to fit on an 8.5x11 sheet when printed. It’s gross and dumber than it should be, but it works

@potentialthings LOL
@emmanuel anything in the works for reporting?


I have pushed data into Airtable, and done some reporting using their templates.

With PowerBI could you could push data to Axure using the API connector and the report on that.

@jnbridges doesn’t appear to be…the Bubble roadmap is now public, FYI, so we can all self-serve on these types of questions.

@jnbridges I recommend using the SQL connector plugin to write to a SQL database, then you can use any BI tool (PowerBI, tableau, Excel) to connect to the database and generate reports.

I do wish the SQL connector could sync to a database out of the box, but it looks like you have to write the code manually. You can use MySQL or a Azure SQL database.

@emmanuel do you know of any good examples for using the sql connector to sync a bubble table with a SQL table?



Hey James, have you been able to find a good example of how to sync bubble to Azure SQL?

Hi, did you found any other solution to create report from Bubble data?