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How are ranking readjusted in DB when items are re-arranged via Drag and Drop

It should work for any number of items.

Both brilliant solutions!

But what if the current RG (the one the user is re-arranging) is a filtered list, does it make sense to use the cell “index” # as a reference? shouldn’t it use rather the items actual ranking in the DB?

And wouldn’t this modify the ranking of items that shouldn’t be touched (filtered items).

And for @gbenchanoch what if this RG presents directly a list of things, (not a thing’s field’s list of things)

Do you mean a “search for”? That would be a simpler workflow since you don’t need to save anything to the DB. You can use the same logic and just display the new merged list in the repeating group. I’ll add that as a separate RG in the demo app once I have time.

But i DO want to save that new order, next time the user loads his page again

If it’s a full list of things, this is possible by adding a rank data field and utilizing a modified workflow. For filtered lists you would not be able to do this since the data you’re working with would have missing data without the ability to reference the locations of those missing data. You could potentially save duplicates of the lists in a new “List” custom data “thing”

What exactly is your use case?

Okay - I managed to solve your use case in two ways:

  1. Uses backend workflows but is disabled in the editor since I would need to upgrade the app.

  2. Uses a global Javacsript function and a Javascript event. The global function, updateRank(), is defined on page load and will trigger a Javascript to Bubble Event to update the rank of a “Sport” in the database. Each time you drag and drop, a Javascript loop is triggered and iterates from numbers i = 1 to i = length of list. Each iteration of the loop triggers the function updateRank() which triggers the Javascript to Bubble Event which actually writes the new rank to the database. This workaround is just a replication of what I did on the back end, just on the front end. This required a short pause (which you will notice as the rank # updates in the UI) to allow for the list to be ready before the Javascript loop is run. I’m very tired so sorry for the terrible explanation. The cool thing is that, since it is using states, the UI doesn’t experience the delay unless you literally display the rank. Even if you act very quickly to sort, the last loop will update the ranks properly, even if the previous loops haven’t finished.

I left the original list as well so that you have both examples. They are organized in separate folders (workflows). The list that is contained inside another object is in the folder “Container” while the full list is in the folder “Full List”

Edit: I added the workflows to ensure that adding a new “Sport” sets the rank properly and deleting a “Sport” updates the ranks.

Edit2: I know it seems redundant to trigger a JavaScript function from the loop that then triggers the JavaScript to bubble function. I tried triggering the JavaScript to bubble function directly from the loop and it wasn’t working so this was my next idea. Works so meh, at least it’s a proof of concept. I’d probably use the backend version for simplicity

Edit3: Front end workaround using JS doesn’t seem to work on mobile. Seems to be a weird bug either with drag/drop or with repeating groups on mobile @nickc. Oh well, the backend version will.

Thanks will check it out

It seems that the bug I’m seeing in mobile is happening on your plugin as well. No sure what the plugin code is but thought you’d be interested to check out the mobile issues.

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Yeah I see that now. I hadn’t checked mobile. Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll take a look.

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Thanks, will test soon

If you are seeing the bug in the method you are using, does your method run on a loop and use one workflow multiple times, once for each item in the list separately or is it one action running once on a list?

I’m seeing the bug when trying to update a “rank” data field. I have two methods, but only one is live on my demo since you can’t use backend workflows without upgrading the application. I don’t think that the backend workflow will have any issues.

The frontend workaround I set up uses a JavaScript function to loop through each of the repeating group items and overwrite the rank. This triggers a BubbleToJavaScript event multiple times, once for each item in the list. I imagine you’re doing something somewhat similar in the plugin code.

@duke.severn put together this brilliant “mostly” native solution:

Yea that’s exactly what I’m doing in the code. I wonder why using that method on mobile causes an error. I have used this method in one other plugin but then I used a setTimeout of 100 milliseconds on each iteration and it works fine on mobile. Maybe that is the solution to the bug. I’ll have to test it out.

Using this method, there is a problem when adding a new entry to the database after re-ordering the list, (while using the standard “order” field expression: “order-number”=items:count+1).

This will not always put the new item as the highest rank

Hey @cheskiefisch :wave:

Yeah, that’s correct. That way wouldn’t work.

Instead of using count: maybe you can try an expression like this. Item’s sort_number max +1

That way you aren’t doing it off the count of items. Then it should still work fine. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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