Reorder items in list of things of current user

For my project, I want to reorder items in list of things of the current user. For exemple, the user select a list of tasks, and he wants to define the order to realize them. I know how to do it with a new type (for example Type Tasks → field name + field order). But if I’m right, if one user change the order, it will change for every user ?!

I have a list of things (task A, task B, …). So they are displayed in a RG (repeating group) depending of their order in the list. I added 2 icons to moove up or down the item is the list.

To do that, I created different states to identify the differents items to moove (the actual, the one replaced, the ones before and the ones after) and I create a buffer list to modify the original list.

You can see the example here (editor) :

Is there a simpler way to change the order of things in the list without using a buffer list ?

Is it easier if a use drag and drop function ? (I’m planning to do it but didn’t think of the workflow yet).

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.


The way you are doing it is correct, you want states to show instant change.
Writing to database without the buffer can be slow and clumsy.

To do a drag & drop thing is essentially the same.

Thanks for your answer :smile:

Another very detailed example and fastidious explanation by @fayewatson Drag and Drop Reordering of a Repeating Group with Custom States

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