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Update the rank of a list's items after shifting it with List Shifter

(apologies for the heavy breathing. I’m currently in quarantine with the 'rona.)

@jamesdevonport asked in this thread:

Someone probably already answered that question - probably @keith himself in one of the many tutorials - but I couldn’t find it straight away and I figured I should sit with this challenge to see if I could come up with a solution.

I did. It ain’t pretty. How can I improve it?


Nice solution! I had to remove lift shifter and do it all by hand in the end, adding a field to the database for Rank and manually calculating the correct order using a workflow on the page.

It would be awesome if Lift Shifter could save it’s order directly to the database without the need for extra steps.

Hey @rico.trevisan!

I came across this exact same solution, however, it breaks for me.

Only iterates over the first two items in the list for some bizarre reason.

I did have it working (I think? now I am doubting myself…) but then it stopped working the next day.

Is your solution still working in your demo app?

Here’s what’s happening on my end…