How best to collect and save address information?

Most address forms I’m family with contain multiple fields:

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Region
  • Country

How can I make use of the Bubble address type best whilst giving me users this sort of form?

My form as First Name and Last Name fields which I join together in a hidden field called Full Name using a workflow. However, I think this only works because these fields are type Text.

Mainly I’m interested to know what everyone else is doing? To type a whole address into one field like

Address 1, Address 2, Town, Region, Postcode, Country seems counter intuitive for most users. But I’d love to make use of some of the location and maps features one gets from having this saved as a single Address field rather than multiple text fields.


Hi @mattblake,

I suppose it depends on what else you may need for portions of an address to be extracted. You may still want to save them independently just like I often do with First and Last Names + Full Name (for sorting and searching).

But just throwing this out there - you can use a SearchBox element set to Geographic Places as the dynamic source list and this will give you an auto-complete function for addresses. This is hooked up to Google’s API, so I’ve found it to work well with most addresses (even with suite numbers), but not all. Sometimes super rural addresses don’t get picked up. And to be on the safe side, I tend to save the second optional line of an Address separately.

Example with suite number:

This might not apply, but you can also enter landmarks and it’ll save the official address for it.

It’s a nice feature for the user, and they can at least verify the address by making a selection. The value of this would be a “geographic location” that you can use with anything that is an address type.

Otherwise, Bubble’s location field type works pretty similarly. If you save a zip code only, it’ll auto-complete that value to the corresponding city, country. If you merge multiple fields like Address 1 + Address 2 + Town + Region + Postcode + Country, it should save it properly. So you could offer the separate fields so that users type everything in consistently and you still have a safeguard of saving each piece independently, but in the workflow you merge them in a separate single field that is type Location.

Test out these options and see which one makes the most sense for your app/you/your users.

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