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[SOLVED] Fill adress data type with data from more than one input type?

Is it possible to save from different input types all data into address data field?
Street+zip code+city into adress data.

No, we need all fields at once for Google to encode it. The way to go is 1) use a search box with geographic address for autocomplete OR 2) a regular input with type of content ‘geographic address’

I use two workflow steps:
Step 1: I combine several fields into one text field, and
Step 2: Set that field to a geographic address field.

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Hey Blackbeard,
could you explain your workflow steps(screenshots) how to combine severeal fields into one text field. I have no idea :wink:

Sure thing. You could do this in a couple of steps, but the easiest way would probably be like this:

Save all your address fields to a different field, with a type of “text”.

You can see I’ve got fields for Address 1, City, and State. You could add in Zip, but google is intelligent enough to build that for you.

Then your second action would be to set the geographic field to the value of Step 1

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Thanks a lot. You forgot some steps, but i figured it out by myself.

Its important to create a “Custom Workflow” and make Changes to “Current Workflow …” like in your screenshots
and also its important to “trigger” this"custom workflow" in the step after the data from the input types is saved.

With your help Blackbear i found out to generate custom search fields.


You’re welcome! wasn’t sure if the custom workflow was applicable to your situation. Glad it worked out!