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How can I access Option sets through the API?


I’m trying to access the Option set through the API to map incoming values to my option set. Is there a way to access those option sets through the APIs?


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I’m breaking my head trying to figure it out, too. I don’t think it’s possible yet (link a comment on a thread).

Let me know if you figure it out.

@rico.trevisan @joran1 Did you guys have any luck on this one? (or any workarounds?)

I know to get the database in a json format, we can enable the data api and the GET the meta endpoint.

Is there an endpoint to get all the option sets?
Perhaps @Bubble know or maybe @ZeroqodeSupport ?


Any update on this one? If options sets are not accessible via API, I think using this feature is a serious risk for any app. .

Hi it’s interesting

new finds about this?

                "Fake": {
                    "type": "option set",
                    "description": "'Fake' field of the current Client"

This popped in my Swagger schema.

I guess it’s time for a celebration :tada: