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How can I add a hidden popup element to a reusable element

I have hidden elements here. I would like to create a second hidden popup. How do I do that? Where exactly do I have to click?

And how do I change the name of the hidden elements?

To create a second hidden popup, you would create a new popup element on the screen. Double-click on the popup to open the properties window. Then at the top of the properties window (where it may say ‘Popup A’ or ‘Popup B’), delete that text and rename the popup to what you’d like. Since it’s a popup it will automatically be added to the sidebar of hidden elements.

You can do that process to rename any other elements as well. If you want to rename the default hidden ones you referred to in your screenshot, click on each one individually to show the eyeball icon which makes them visible (click again to hide them). Once they’re visible you’ll be able to repeat the same renaming process that you did with your new popup.

If you create an element that is not a popup, but you would like it to not to be visible when the page is loaded-- in the properties window you would scroll down to where it says “this element is visible on page load” and uncheck that box. Then you would add conditionals to decide when that element should become visible to the user :slight_smile:

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