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How can I associate these two tables?

Hey folks! I have a question regarding linking “things” in the database and the workflows to make changes to a “thing” when an account is created on behalf of a user.

Basically, I have a fundraiser web application with two “things” that I am having trouble linking together: “Team” and “User.” In this application, I’m using the “Create account for someone else” to create a user and I follow with an action to create a new “Team” that the “User” owns.

My workflow appears to work correctly when I create a new “Team,” as it shows the user that owns the “Team” in the “Team” table and displays the “Team Name”. However, when I look at the app data for a user in the “User” table, I’m not seeing the “Team Name” associated with that user. I know that’s all a mouthful, so hopefully, it makes sense!

Here’s the table structure:

Here’s my current workflow:

In other words, what I’d like to do is:

  1. Create account for a user
  2. Create new team using the value of the team name input field
  3. Assign team to user
  4. Assign user to team

I imagine I’ve been approaching the workflow incorrectly, so I figured I’d ask some of you if you might have an idea on how I can remedy this.

If it helps, I’d be happy to provide the link to the application.

Thanks so much!

Hi @j_mo,

Welcome to the community!

When you click pen icon when looking at User table in the App data tab, you should see “Change search field” text. Just click it, and then change this field to “name”.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks, @alanpieczonka! The good news is that I can search by the different teams using the method you outlined, but oddly enough, I don’t see a value in that field (it shows an empty field) unless I add it manually. Perhaps there’s an issue with how my workflow is set up?

Okay, two questions here:

  1. This is probably unrelated but are you sure that in the Step 2, you are setting
    Coach = Result of Step 1?
  2. Do you mean that you don’t see a value in that field in the table in the App data view or the field is empty when you do the search in the actual app?

@alanpieczonka Answers below!

  1. That is correct. Here are a few screenshots of the first three steps of the workflow:

  1. If I look at the App data view after the workflow completes and the user has been created, I see that the user’s “Team Name” is empty. However, if I edit the actual record in the database, I can find all available teams using the search field (per your suggestion above).

I’ve tested the same setup in my local environment and it works well. :confused: I’d be happy to investigate the problem futher in the app editor, just send me a link to the app in the DM.

Thanks for your help, Alan. I have everything in working order now!

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