Database linking

Hello there,
i have a datatype called KYC and dtatype USER… when my user will fill up the KYC details and click “update” button the KYC app data created but it is not linking to USER datatypes.

So you’ve already customised some WF and it doesn’t work?

Create another field called Made By, type user: then you can add whoever you want as a creator

yes. but please tell me what are the data field to add in workflow action to link in USER data?

Do you have a workflow that creates KYC? If yes, just add another field to the KYC which would be the user that created it

You can send me a messege with the link to your editor. It takes 15 seconds to set up something like that

i have a USER type in KYC,
and under the USER i have KYC as KYC even thou it is not linking…

Let me break it down how I would set it up:

-USER with field called KYC (which could be the list or not)
-KYC with the field USER


  1. Create a new thing KYC with the field of USER being current logged in user
  2. Make changes to a thing USER and setting up a field KYC to the Resault of the first thep

i have a workflow to create new thing - KYC… and given field as user= current user

And it doesn’t work?

I will set up the workflow in my editor and send you a link

No. could you please come on google meet for 5mins? please

You can check this editor, if it doesent work, messege me for google meet

Join my meeting:

Hi, sorry for yday my internet was gone… i tried the steps you showed in your app link… it worked… thanks alot :slight_smile:

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No problem :slight_smile: