How can I clear this error message?

I keep on getting this error message “Workflows could not run because too many events triggered at the same time.” My app few weeks back was working just fine without this error message. Is it from bubble’s side or my side.

Here is a screenshot of what it shows to give more context.

Please help me urgently. Thanks in advance

When does the error show?

On page refresh if you have a lot of workflows combine them into one or two.

On click, move big workflows to backend workflows.

I’ve never seen this error before. Maybe you have an unintentional loop?

It happens every time when I add a third item in my invoice item list. I slows down and does that.

Maybe run the debugger step by step then and see if there are any unexpected steps. That would be my next step

For a band-aid fix, this might also help. But you should debug appropriately to fix the root cause


Thank You. I replaced a table with a repeating group and it work just fine. I am not sure if it it’s the table element that has a bug or it was a workflow problem. But the problem is solved now