Workflows could not run because too many events triggered at the same time

Hi Bubble Community,

I’m facing a perplexing issue with my application and would greatly appreciate any insights or assistance.

Problem Description: I have a table with an IconButton in each cell, used to trigger a popup. The table also includes a filter feature. When no filters are applied, the IconButton works perfectly, triggering the popup as expected. However, when a specific filter is applied, the browser becomes unresponsive and occasionally crashes.

Troubleshooting Done:

  • I’ve confirmed that no workflows are being triggered when the button is clicked, even double-checking with Bubble’s debugger.
  • The issue persists across multiple browsers.
  • I’ve tried replacing the IconButton with a different button, but the problem remains.

Error Message: Here’s the error message from the browser’s console:

Workflows could not run because too many events triggered at the same time. { “events”: [ { “id”: “bTIZv”, “type”: “ButtonClicked” } ], “code”: “1702846679261x655208651965445400” }

Interestingly, the error message indicates an issue with “too many events” despite only one event (ButtonClicked) being listed.

Request for Help: I’m at a loss for what could be causing this behavior. It seems to contradict the error message, and my troubleshooting hasn’t led to a solution. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has any suggestions on what could be going wrong, your input would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

It seems that the problem is coming from your filters, if nothing happens after you run them there is a chance you are running an infinite loop.

Share a screenshot of your filters workflows if you want us to help you troubleshoot it!


I don’t have any workflows for the filters, It’s a dropdown. Dropdown options are coming from an Options Set. And the table data source depends on the dropdown.

Here is the SS of the conditional tabs of the table.

I also implemented filters using states and dynamic conditions but the problem didn’t go.

Also, take a look at the Warning on top of the error here in the console. I think that might be helpful!

I’ve discovered that the problem seems to be the Table element. To confirm this, I recreated the same functionality using Repeating Groups instead of the Table element. Interestingly, with Repeating Groups, the problem does not occur at all, which leads me to believe that the issue is specific to the Table element.

Here’s what I’ve tried since my last post:

  • Removed all filters from the data source query to rule out issues with the database querying.
  • Tested the functionality on a separate page with a simplified setup.
  • Replaced the Table element with Repeating Groups and found that it works without any issues.
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Thanks for sharing your solution at the end and great to know it’s been solved. I didn’t personally try the “Table” element yet but it has just been released few weeks ago and I think it’s still in “BETA” phase.

Yes, right! It’s still in beta.

any updates regarding this?

i’m facing exactly the same issue.

i have a button for each row of a table that the only workflow action it has is to set a custom state… the firsts clicks are fast but after a few clicks it takes longer and than this error: Workflows could not run because too many events triggered at the same time

any idea?

No positive update. The culprit is the table element. It’s still in beta. Maybe it will be fixed when it gets an update.