How can I convert a price to another currency easily?

I am selling a piece of software for $89

There’s a free plugin called Financial Data, which I got to work.

It returns the exchange rate for a pair of params such as “EUR”, “USD”.

So I have a drop down with each item in it a curreny code + full name:

“USD - United States Dollar”

However, some exchange rates returned are 0.0 and I assume that means because for those, the exchange is backwards so for my formula I just did A * 89 + B * 89 where if A is nonzero then B is zero and vise versa.

So I call the Financial Data API with USD → (Dropdown’s value truncated to code).Exchange Rate * 89 + 1.0 / (Dropdown’s value…) → USD * 89

However, how would I then add in the currency code conditionally?

So the button then says:

“Unlimited Usage For Only: 89.00 USD” for example, but in each different currency.

Is there an easier way to do this?

It’s really hard to edit the formula as you can see: Clicking “Calculate Formula” brings up some weird dropdown without the arithmetic operations included.

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