How can I create a countdown

Hi, I need something simple that can be like 100 seconds countdown that can be resetted with a button once it reaches 0 sec

Thanks in advance

There are a few good resources on this thread. Check that out first but feel free to follow-up with questions here.

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Hi thanks for the reply

I found the Widget from Airdev interesting, but it doesn’t interact with ther rest of the page, and even editing inside the widget is hard, I tried to create a button to restart the countdown without changing the date but it didn’t work.

In what respect are you looking for it to interact with the rest of the page?

If you want other elements to interact with it, you can build a state-based logic that reads the current state value (ie. when the state’s time left = 0, then show popup).

As well, I suggest you check out @NigelG’s example.

Thanks that seems like an example I can learn from, only problem is that the popup that’s supposed to show up don’t for some reason. I tried incognito mode as someone suggested but I still have problem with showing the popup.

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I noticed the same thing.

@NigelG - there may be a minor bug in your countdown timer example. The popup action doesn’t appear to execute. Looks like there may be a bit of conditional formatting issue?

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Thanks @dan1 and @zakaria.houssam

It was all a bit of a mess, as it predated “view only” apps and looks like someone had been playing when it was an open app. Should be fixed now.

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