How can i create a logo for my app

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Also, the more context you provide with your questions (screenshots, link to an open app, etc.), the more likely you’ll get good help quickly :slight_smile:

If you’re not up for doing it yourself, you can get it for a fairly low cost at services like

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On the technical side:

On the inspirational side:

  • I have an Evernote folder where I capture all the ones I see and like
  • Main source, other than specific companies’ websites, is
  • and come up quite often too
  • I type “color palette” in Pinterest or Google Images for general branding purposes (website colors and logo)
  • You can have a look to “sacred geometry logo” or “divine proportion logo” (Google Images, Pinterest), if you like that kind of things

I suggest what @petter suggested fiverr… but there are a lot of ‘talented artists’ there claiming they can do Sh!t.
I HIGHLY recommend Sajeewa: I’ve done most of my logos with him. He will work until you are pleased. Such a great experience.
Please keep in mind that beautiful 3D logos arte not $5 … they are Mascot logos and or 3D logos and cost around $50 (I don’t remember the exact cost). If you want the copyright rights it will cost you extra and so on…
But it’s waaaaaaay cheaper than others and the work… is like a Hollywood professional!
I rarely recommend someone.

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