How can I create this expression?

I used to be able to reliably adjust the position of parentheses in the expression composer but now it is seemingly impossible for me to achieve what I need ?

I tried to toggle the beta composer on/off and the checkbox for expression parentheses in the version menu.

I need to do
thing1.amount * (1 - thing2.ratio) but it always write (thing1.amount * 1) - thing2.ratio
I do not find how to write it differently.

Thanks for your help.


Since you want the second expression to start with a number, I think you’re going to have to do Arbitrary text (just enter “1”) then :converted to number.

Or you could do thing2.ratio * -1 + 1 in the second expression

Basically, Bubble doesn’t let you easily start expressions (including within parentheses) with a number.

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