How to use parantheses in new expression composer

I am trying to use parantheses in the new expression composer but there is now way to input the parantheses. It only seems to place them wherever they want. How are you supposed to use these?

Hi there, @hong.michael… as you have already seen, the expression composer inserts the parentheses for you, and you are not able to insert them yourself. The composer puts the parentheses where it thinks they need to be as you build an expression, and you can group parts of expressions together by clicking in the “right” places in the composer as you build. It can be a bit tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it (which shouldn’t take too long), you won’t look back.


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So I’ve clicked everywhere and nothing is changing. Can you show me where to click?? “right” places seems like the lottery at this point…

Share a screenshot or two of what have done and explain what you are trying to do.

You can check the documentation, too.

So I need the last 2 conditionals to be in paratheses before it gets to the or.

There is nothing in the documentation on how to move parentheses around…

As you already know, you don’t move the parentheses around… how did you get the rest of the parentheses in that expression in the right places? You have to find the “right” place to click in the second to last conditional (look at the underlines as you roll over different parts of the expression) and build out the last part of the expression from there.

Those were placed automatically by bubble.

I figured it out. So you have to let bubble create the parantheses first and then find the level you want to insert your expression. Thanks.

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