How can i do it?

I’m wanting to add some functionality to my app where i can view my outgoing and incoming shipments, (usps, fedex, ups) How would i add this to my bubble app?

You are gonna have to give more pertinent information, for sure

Say you sent a product to someone, you have the tracking number, the product that was sent and the other info.

Is there a way get like where the product is, like could i connect an api or something to show that data in that table without having to leave the app?

Haven’t used an api in bubble yet so that’s why i was asking how we would go about it if possible

You can totally integrate an API with Bubble. You’ll need the official plugin “API connector” for this.
Then, you need to refer to the transporter’s API documentation to learn how to connect yours apps.

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Find the API for tracking the shipment. You have to access the API and in your bubble app create a new data source for each API you want to link it.

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Navigate to the websites of UPS, FedEx, or USPS and locate their tracking section. Look for API documentation tailored for developers, if available. These documents will provide instructions on setting up the API Connector Plugin in Bubble. Once installed, you’ll link the API calls to your database and display the tracking information within your app.

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Use shipengine api read their document