How can I embed my bubble app as an iframe into a page developped on drupal

I need your support to help me insert my Bubble index page as an iframe in another page developped on drupal
find below more context about my request:
I have already a page which performs nicely in terms of SEO, all I want is to update a part of it with more accurate data, so I decided to develop this new part as a separate page in bubble, and insert it in the first one as an ifram,
Could you support me with a step by step guidance how can I proceed, and if there are pluggins for that ?
i found a documentation on how to do it in wordpress, i followed same steps, i added an HTML element to my page, I copy pasted what was shared in the doc, but i get the error message below :

thanks by advance

The first step is to go to your Bubble app’s settings > General > Privacy and Security and set the ‘Allow to render the app in a frame/ifream…’ to ‘Allow all iframes’. By default, iframes are blocked for security reasons.

There are some caveats and your app will not have all functionalities, as for example cookies set by websites displayed in iframes are not allowed on some browsers.
And allowing iframes can pose a security risk for your app and your users. So before you change your setting, it might be wise to read up on it.

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Thanks a lot for your response,
but i have another issue which is the responsiveness of the iframe, and it’s dimensions ( width and hieght)
do you have an idea on how can it be managed?
thanks by advance

If your Buttle page is responsive, then it is the parent page that controls the height and width. The Bubble page will just adjust automatically.

I am not familiar with Drupal. Can you share the code with which you are displaying the iframe?

You should be able to define CSS flexbox height and width parameters to allow for the iframe to be responsive.