Can a bubble app appear on a wordpress page within an iFrame?


I am considering going to Bluehost to launch a wordpress website to help grow my business, and I’m wondering if it is possible to insert a bubble app onto a Wordpress page as an iFrame?

The reason why I would do this is because while the wordpress site will serve as my main point of traffic, instead of linking to a separate page for my app, perhaps I can insert it, or at least a section of it, onto the wordpress page to save the customer one extra click.

Thank you

Yes its totally possible, you need to allow the app run in iFrame in your app settings.
Another solution is put your app in a subdomain like

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Hey there @randreas,

Looks like you can iFrame to a Wordpress Page: How to Use iFrames With WordPress (Manually and with Plugins)

Just make sure to enable the iFrame ability on your app by going to settings, then “Allow all iFrames”

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The only issue I have ever experienced was when using a bubble app in an iframe and signing in with bubble auth on an iPhone mobile device. I get some issue about not being able to set cookies.

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Thank you everyone for replying.

I am happy that this is possible and will work on implementing it in the near future and testing it out. Then I can come back and update the thread on how it worked out for me.

But if anyone else has anything to add, I’ll be glad to learn all tips.


Did you solve the problem with cookies?

are you having issues with this?

Yes, I have a site with I frame, where my Bubble app runs. My iPhone get this error - “ Oops! Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Make sure cookies are enabled.” Safari and Chrome. My desktop browsers doesn’t have this problem. Do you now how to resolve it?