How can I hide a text element based on it's text

How can I hide a text element that has a value of for example 0, but show it when its something else?

in the elements condition tab, add a condition “when this text’s value is 0” then in the drop down this element is visable and leave the checkbox unchecked.

This doesn’t work for me for some reason. I assume “value” is a custom state? I have tried creating a custom state with type text and number but the text box still shows the 0.

ahh yer sorry text not text box :slight_smile: where does the 0 come from?

what about:

imagine the input is a database entry, input entry or any other dynamic data.

failing that you can use an input and make the background and borders transparent, it will look just like text.

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Ok thanks. The 0 is a result of a math.js API call which could have a result of 10 or another number with zeros, so in my case I had to “Use regex pattern” in the text to find. The regex pattern to match I set to ^0

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