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Text Element not displaying "0"?

Alright! I know i have been a pain latley so forgive me :wink:

Weird problem where data returned from blockspring with value β€œ0” is not being displayed in the text element while all other value above β€œ0” are being displayed correctly.

The data from blockspring returns the value β€œ0”

so what is preventing the text element from displaying the β€œ0” value? even if i use the input element the β€œ0” still is not displayed!

Any thoughts? or suggestions

I was using another blockspring block yesterday to generate numbers in a RG and it gave me 0s just fine. From what it looks like, the block may actually not be giving you 0 and that the raw results corrects for this in its frontend by inserting 0.

This is really a guess, but could you put a conditional on the current cell? β€œWhen current cell’s Thing’s Value is empty” (or <1, etc), set the Text to 0.

(And your input example – you are just setting the initial content to the number, correct? You’re not actually typing a 0 into there and not having it appear?)

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Emmanuel told me there is a bug with the mask jquery plugin (when using initial content). Don’t know if it’s the same bug you talk about.

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