How can i let users sign in with their created usernames?

I might be way off as im a noob to this kind of stuff :confused: just trying to push the limits of life and see what i can do lol but i appreciate your time for helping me with this topic !!!

same thing with password ? or is that how it should be ?

You can have two diffrent workflows when they hit login

For one workflow check if the usernmae or input slot contains an @ for an email login and username it will check to see if usernwme input does not contain @

Hey @jhenders1 Thank you for the fast reply !! Im fairly new at all this so im not too sure how i would put that together, but it does seem to make sense. If possible, would you be able to tell me in depth ? i truly appreciate your time !!

Add a extra input like following:

And with this condition referring to the main email input.

In the workflow you need to enter the hidden input as email.

Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 09.55 AM

Then your done :slight_smile:

Make two work flows when button pressed action is the login button. Make the input a text for where they enter email or text. And then in one workflow do when input username contains @ login with email and the other check if it dosent contain “@“ and lookup first user by email and login to their account with that email.

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