Log User In Workflow

How to log the Users In using there Custom ID instead of Email .

I want my users to log in using there ID provided by me instead of there email , how to do this


You can create a dummy email contains user id you created with additional text standardized to make all become email format text e.g userid@xx.yy

  1. to create user id
    Use input element (text) for user id, then when saving add the extension text you have standardized in workflow action
  2. To login, use input element (text) for user id then add the same extension text in workflow action

Ups, it may unable to save input data (text) into user id’email in dbase…if such then use add dummy input element (email) with initial content “user id’s value@xx.yy”…then use this dummy input to create user id email in dbase…use such dummy input (email) for login as well

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When i use the login workflow , the app checks for a email and a password in the database automatically .
In my app i do not allow users to sign up by self, i will manually enter user details in database , for them to be able to log in later ,
how to do that ?
Only constrain is that the app should check for User’s random ID as email and there mobile no. as password
please help

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@neerja i want to know where is the data saved when i sign a new user

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i got it @danielowega but where will it search for the users password

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You may use a text input for your users to enter their password, like I have set up. Neerja is on holiday until 14/july it seems. Users will appear in the data/app data section of the editor.

yes neerja on holiday Hahaha
please can you help me with this !

@danielowega Email prateek.porwal123@gmail.com
password hjFjYEXpd8XTgjn

It Seems Crazy to show your password on a public forum Hahaha

please design the Login Page workflow as yours
taking CID(Database-user) as Email and Password field as password

I’m too busy for designing UI but I fixed your workflow. With this you can generate the passwords yourself. Although it is not as secure…

Thankyou man !!!

what actually is the meaning of Search for users :firstitem doing

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