How can I limit my the email domain that my users can sign up with?

I need to be able to limit to a specific domain, I also need to be able to add a verified badge to certain users. If any one knows how to throw together a messaging service that would be great.

Few ways :slight_smile:

You could trim the user email input contents to domain only via workflow upon value change or sign up button click (if it’s a single domain you want to limit the users to only - then it’s super easy just to cut the definite amount of symbols from the end and compare what’s left to your target domain name) then move forward or show error based on the result.

As per messaging service - there are again few ways you could do that (as almost for everything in programming, so Bubble is not an exception here).

But it’s probably best if you take a course to understand how this works from the inside.
There are several options, here’s the good one for you to take a look.

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