Email send limits


I’ve just launched an app with about 300 preregistered users, sending out the email invitations in bulk. I just used the standard email invitation mechanism using {appname}

Somewhat frustratingly I am only learning now (after about 90 out of 300 emails) there are limits on the number of emails sent in this way, and all the solutions on the forum discuss implementing a different system during development (a little late now as we are live…).

What exactly are the hourly/daily limits on the default bubble email? In other words how long will I have to wait to send the remaining bulk? Are there any workarounds to overcome the limits in my position?

Hey there @orowa,

Not sure on the limits, but im sure Bubble has one to prevent their SendGrid dedicated ip from getting flagged as spam. Maybe @jess or @eve can advise.

To prevent this, you can create your own Sendgrid account, or better yet! Switch over to Postmark :slight_smile:

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