How can I log users out in 30 min of non-usage?

How to have add times sessions and log user out automatically?

You can use the plugin Efactive. After 30 min, run Logout user action.
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Hi Mark!

thanks for reply, can you show me example how to do that? I’m stuck a bit and can’t figure out how do i put together conditions.


Firstly, be sure to add the ‘Efactive’ element onto a reusable element e.g. header, so this carries across all pages and it can fire off.

These settings should be fine, you could even adjust the idle refresh value to higher if preferred e.g. every 1 minute check the user status to offload CPU usage.

Then using a new workflow, Do when condition is true:

As a bonus, you could add a workflow after the logout to refresh the page or even display a popup e.g. You have been logged out, click here to log back in.

If they were on a admin type page, make sure on the pages themselves that there is workflow logic to redirect them when they are logged out, as you don’t want a user to be logged out and still situated on a admin type page.