How can I open search results in a new window/tab?

My search engine is a repeating group, but impossible to right click an item/result and open in a new window. Is is just unfeasible or am I just wrongly setting it up?

It opens my the page of the trip, but I’d like to be able to open many from the results page by opening in a new tab.
The event :

Many thanks!

Use the link element to do this instead of a text. It’s the only element that allows you to open an external or internal page in a new tab. The setup happens within the property editor for the link element - no workflow action. You can still style it the same way and the user will be none the wiser.

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I… I didn’t know we could use the Link element!
So simple. So simpler also!
I guess I’ve seen it at the total begining of using Bubble but never used it, how can I’ve skipped this :tired_face:

Well, better late than never, many thanks @romanmg!

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