[SOLVED] How to open links in a new tab


how do I open links in new tabs using workflow (not using the ‘link’ element)

Here in the workflow, I have asked to open an external website when an image is clicked. I want this to be opened in new tab.


Hey @harshala

You can download the Toolbox plugin and run the following workflow:



Thank you so much! I will try this!

hey, i tried this, but it just opens a my site with a / and the link i want it to go to. It’s treating it as if its a page in my site. Is there any way to fix this? thanks

@nachodip97 can you post a screenshot of your config?

my pc won’t let me take a screenshot, but this is what i did. the workflow is the run javascript workflow, and i put: window.open(‘Current cell’s material’s link’,’_blank’) .

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