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How can i publish my bubble app in android play store?

how can i publish my bubble app in android play store ?

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While we don’t support this yet (native iOS is in early beta), some users have managed to submit to both stores successfully. There is a bit of work, but you can do it.

If you search the forum, you’ll find some resources. Some users have even wrote courses about that.

One thing to note is that since we’re in early beta, we can’t commit to have everything work well when you’re doing native stuff. That’ll be the case when we’ll be out of beta.

Hey @anasdarayseh,

You can take our iOS/Android course to learn how to build mobile apps with Bubble:

Few options I’ve come across:

  1. Code it yourself. Not the easiest or fastest way, but you’ll be glad to sit down and learn a few more things beyond Bubble’s capabilities. Submerging myself into things like Cordova have made it relatively-easy to put together an app, even if it’s not purely native. That skill can be applied in more places than just Bubble apps.

  2. Purchase a template. You can head to marketplaces like Envato and snag up iOS or Android templates that have WebView at their core. Ever wonder why some apps just look like a smaller version of their big-brother websites? Most apps just build responsive sites, plug a link into a WebView template and push to respective application stores.

  3. Learn from builders. There’s two parts to this one. Firstly, take advantage of other people’s experiences as they went through the trouble and are awesome enough to share.( @natedogg is an example) Personally, I’m not made of money so I just went with @iamsalar’s video course because it goes through this and there’s a new project every week or so. I know there’s another course too but don’t think that one goes into apps. Regardless, second part is that these courses take up using existing building tools for app publication.

In the end, your call but I think spending some time to learn from people who’ve done it before makes most sense. :slight_smile:


What lesson # inside of @iamsalar course goes over building your bubble into the app store?

Hello, I am searching in the forum how to submit the Apps to the stores, but i just find answers about taking a course at CodeLessAcademy and pay for them.

Since I will already pay Bubble, how can I publish my app? Is there someone that can help me, without paying any further?

I suppose it should be somenthing provided, since someone found a way and is asking money to do it.

The mobile features are in Beta, and aren’t officially supported yet. That’s why all the tutorials and such are coming from the community, not from Bubble itself.

So anything created on bubble can’t be published as apps yet?

Sorry, that’s not what I meant. You CAN publish on the app store, but all the tutorials and stuff are put together by the community. That’s why people keep pointing you to paid courses.

Ok thanks for that