Example of a native Bubble app on The App Store

Has anyone published an app the the App Store that they have built with Bubble?

What were the challenges, shortcomings, suprises?

Also, could you please provide a link?


Here’s my app:

I’ve got a step-by-step course coming out within the next week or two that should answer 90% of any questions about building mobile apps on Bubble. Keep an eye out for it.


Here is mine:


That would be great? How will you announce it?


That is a really amazing app.

I like the format. I’m going to play with it a little more.

Did you have any challenges, specifically with finished Bubble product -> product on the App Store?

Thanks a lot for your compliment @dj1! :slight_smile:
Not really, the only challenge (quite painful) is to go through all the steps needed to upload and to get approved by apple (certificates, Id’s, profiles…etc.).


It will be announced right here in the forum. I have a few people who have reached out to me with interest, so I’ll add you to the list and send you a message when it’s ready.


This. That is 100% the most annoying part of all. Especially if you’re doing it on a PC, and not a Mac.

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Did you use any API’s? Are these locations hard coded?

I see that a user can add their own. But what about the ones already there? Is the data seeded from anywhere?

Yes, I use google + Bing API’s. None of the locations are hard coded until someone recommends it. When performing a search, I use these API’s to get the results and to compare with those already in the DB. I just do a custom search depending on the related category.

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Please add me to the list to notify about the course.

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Please send me too!

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Here’s mine! https://appsto.re/us/Jgezdb.i

I used @natedogg’s class to publish - super helpful. It ended up taking about a day to set everything up and then about 30 hours to get approved in the app store.

I actually thought it was easier to set up the mobile app then my website :slight_smile: The hardest part for me is remembering which workflow goes with which group (because you can only have one page for the mobile app, so you have to separate out “pages” through groups). I ended up using the color coding and sorting into folders, which really helped.

I am absolutely NOT a developer (or designer), so pretty proud of myself :slight_smile:

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@blndatheart can’t seem to access. What’s the app name?

Live Fantasy Bachelorette in the App Store and Live Fantasy TV - Bachelorette on Google Play

@blndatheart just tried signup using Facebook. Gives error

Is there a guide to how to deploy bubble native apps to the appstore? Are you guys using phonegap build? I requires a zip unfortunately

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Thanks - looks like Facebook login doesn’t work with native apps :frowning2: Bubble is awesome for MVPs, but I still definitely think I would need a developer to take my company to the next step.

Yup, used phonegap build. @natedogg has a class that I highly recommend that goes through each step (and it’s only $50)