How can I replicate the Built on Bubble floating footer?

See the screenshot. I want a floating footer menu that behaves the same way. It seems like I’m not the first.

Side Note: Can the @Bubble please just post a tutorial on how to create responsive headers and footers? Not the principles but an actual worked example would be perfect. The header should have left middle and right elements. Ditto the footer. I see answers referencing plugins but that seems crazy.

Unless I’m missing something, adding a floating thingy-ma-thing like the “built on bubble” is super simple.

  1. Add a floating group to your page. Place it at the bottom of your page and set it to float to bottom.
  2. Add whatever you want inside the floating group.

I often use this for Go to top buttons or mobile menus.

Thanks @casheets123. Not sure why they didn’t work before! Anyway, I’m still not quite there. For some reason my reusable footer doesn’t want to play nicely inside my floating group (pink). Any suggestions? The reusable footer should be the same width as the floating group. Also not sure why the pink floating group is offset to the left on certain viewports (>800px when I hide the reusable footer). Would appreciate any suggestions!