How can I search a table for a count condition?

I am glad you solved the issue. In bubble you will find there are usually a multitude of ways to make something work as you would like.

As a word of caution, your approach is going to slow down the app and cause issues down the road.

Take a look at three of the many posts on the forum on performance, database structure and use of search, filters and sorts…pay attention to the advice surrounding the use of the “advanced” function as well.

Also, could you expand on this:

What kind of problems do you expect? If it is an issue of making sure workflows are setup correctly to get the data to where it belongs, that can be solved with just a bit of planning before building. Otherwise, I can’t really think of any problems it may create down the road.


My example of how to set up the database with the relation, would do exactly that.

Think about this. If you have a user data type with a data field of list of items on it, then the user who owns all those items will have it stored there.

Also, if you have a data field of user on the data type of item, then again the user who owns that item will be right there on it.

I apologize, but it sounds like you are not very familiar with database design, as I wasn’t when I first started out on bubble. Taking the time to read through the posts I linked will help understand bubble more, and reading online from other sources on database design and structure will help you understand how they work and the enormous benefits of relational database structure.

I have created my database so that any data type can be accessed from any other data type in the database so that I can quickly perform data retrieval.

Think about it like this…if you have a list of items owned by a user, then all you need to do to get that list of items is to say “current page user’s list of items” and very quickly, much more quickly than doing a search, you would get a list of all items owned by that user.

Alternatively, if you wanted to do what you are trying and you follow my advice then all you need to do is search for “users” with a single constraint “item list count: > 50” and much faster will you get the results than by

Because in your solution you do two searches and one of them is using an advanced filter which is the slowest way to filter and recommended by most to avoid.

In the end, it is up to you to take the advice from advice givers…I only offered mine because I struggled a lot in the beginning and after two years on the platform I have come to understand most of the best practices and that came from following the advice of the experienced bubblers that came before me.

Good luck