Retrieving specific item from list stored against User?

Greetings, fellow Bubblonians!

Generally speaking, what’s the approach to retrieving one specific “thing” from a list of things stored against a user? IOW, should I first search for the user and then search for the “thing” within that user’s list? Or should I search the “thing” table directly?

I’m currently storing a list of website domain “things” with each user. If I want to retrieve a specific domain for a user, do I find that user first and then search their domain list for the desired item, or do I search the table of domain “things” directly?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

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Bubblonians :rofl:

I would do them both at the same time, so find the thing and have a constraint either on the creating user, or a field that is for the owner.

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Thanks, @NigelG, that makes sense!

Hi Nigel, maybe you can help me. In the db I have to fields with lists.

Date: with a list of dates (for instance 12-10-18, 13-10-18)
Owner: with a list of emails (for instance,

So 12-10-18 was created by and 13-10-18 was created by

If the current user is for instance I want to show in a RC just:


Thanks a lot for your help.

So you have two list fields, and want to match the position of something in one list to the item in the same position in another list ?

If you can rework your data to have them a new thing (with two fields, data and email) your life would be a lot easier.

Otherwise it is a case of using the index and itemno I think.

Thx Nigel…I will try