How Can I Set Order of Data for Repeating Group?

Hi, Bubblers!

I have a question.
When a RG displays data, Can I set which item to be shown first or second?
Instead of setting order in App Data. I’d like to put index or numbering to each item so the items will be shown on a RG in order as I wish.

Definitely I’d like to upload my items randomly without thinking their order because it is convenient. Then I want to figure out later by numbering.

Is it possible??

Thank you for reading!

Hey @universe1

You could add a field “SortNumber” (of type Number) in your data type. Then set the number for each item manually in App Data whenever you’re ready. Then set the RG to be sorted by SortNumber, descending = “no”

That’s okay if you have 10 items, it would be time consuming if you have 100 though. Another option is to sort the RG by an already existing field (for example “Name”), in which case it would be sorted alphabetically

Hope that helps

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Hi, @ambroisedlg

Thank you for your help again!
That perfectly helps me a lot ! :laughing:

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Hi @ambroisedlg !

If you don’t mind, Can you help me for this?? :cowboy_hat_face:

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